About me

About seven or eight years ago I began to develop an interest in websites and internet marketing. Up until this point I had very little idea about what internet marketing involved.

At the time I had a small property development business. I was buying small plots of land and then building houses on the land which were then put on the market to sell. We would generally build one or possibly two dwellings per annum. I was not making a fortune by any stretch of the imagination but did make a comfortable living.

The property market in the UK (which is where I am from) went into recession and selling the properties became a problem.

I decided that I needed to look for alternative ways to make a living.

Purely by chance there was an article in the business section of my local paper about someone who was making a good living online doing 'affiliate marketing'. The article said that the person in question was a carpenter/joiner by trade but, like myself, had begun to find it increasingly difficult to make a living in the construction industry.

At that time I had no idea whatsoever what affiliate marketing was so I read all I could find about the subject.

Having done my research I decided that I would 'have a go' myself. The article had mentioned that the person in question was selling weight loss products and even gave the name of the affiliate organisation that he worked through.

I did some research and discovered that the weight loss niche was one of the biggest, and most competitive, niches to work in. Over the next few weeks I read as much as I could find about weight loss and related topics. I joined the affiliate programme that had been mentioned in the article and got my affiliate links for some of the products they has to offer.

At this point I did not have a website and very little idea about how to build one.

Luckily my friends son had a small web design business and he gave me the basic information that I would need to create my own site. He suggested that I build myself a 'Wordpress' site (I had no idea what WordPress was) and explained about web hosting.

Armed with this information I set about building my first website.

There was a lot of trial and error involved but eventually I got my first site up and running. I created pages and posts based around the products for which I had affiliate links.

I was quite comfortable getting the aesthetics of the site right as prior to being involved in the construction industry I had worked for several years in graphics design

(Doing design work and producing printing plates for flexographic printers involved with the production of packaging – for anyone who might be interested).

I managed to get several of the pages ranked in Google and earned some commission. The amount I was making was in no way enough to live on but it was rewarding to know that I was at least making something.

I was all set to begin taking my new found interest to another level but another business opportunity (totally unrelated to internet marketing) came my way and the internet marketing enterprise was put on the back burner. Naturally over a period of time the income from the sites gradually dried up.

I still maintained the site and occasionally added new content but not on a regular basis. I also published one or two more sites in other niches but again the lack of time meant that the sites were also not maintained correctly.

I have however remained interested in the whole subject of web site creation and internet marketing and gained a lot of knowledge during the process.

A number of my friends became aware of my “expertise” with websites and I helped them build their own sites.

My situation has changed again. I recently retired (yes I am a wrinkly!!!!) and now spend a good proportion of the year in Fuerteventura.

I now have a reasonable amount of time on my hands and have decided to give internet marketing another try. This time around there should be no distractions. I will hopefully be able to give the project the time it requires and see a reasonable financial return for my efforts

I have given some thought to the niche (or niches) that I would like to target. Finally I decided to use the knowledge that I accumulated from my previous efforts at website building and affiliate marketing itself.

Although I in no way consider myself to be an 'expert' I do have a reasonable amount of knowledge about the subject that I feel could be useful to others. I am also extremely interested in, and constantly researching, the whole subject of internet marketing and making money online.

Like most people who work online I also buy a number of 'products' relating to the subject. These include 'how to information products' and software packages and plugins. Some of these are extremely good and others are, to be perfectly honest, a complete waste of money.

Along with the general information that I will be posting on this site I will also include reviews of some of these products. Where possible I will write about products I have actually used but will also include reviews based on the experiences of others if I feel that the product appears to be particularly good or bad.

As I am also trying to make an income from the website some of the products that I review and recommend will be products for which I am an affiliate.

I will however try to be objective at all times and will not knowingly endorse any product purely for financial gain. Only products that I feel offer real benefits will be recommended.

I sincerely hope that you find the content of the site interesting and I welcome your comments on anything that appears on the site.