The Amazon Affiliate Program

Making Money with The Amazon Affiliate program

If you have a blog or website then you will most likely have looked at the possibility of trying to make money from it. The easiest and most popular way of monetizing a blog or website is to become an affiliate for someone else's product or service.

Many people who are considering monetizing their blogs for the first time tend to be drawn to the Amazon Affiliate program.

Like all affiliate programs the principle for earning money from the Amazon Affiliate program is extremely straightforward.

Once you have joined the Amazon affiliate program you are able to promote any of the products that are offered for sale by Amazon.

You simply add a link on your website that points to the product you want to promote. When someone clicks on that link and then buys the product you are paid a commission for the part you played in securing the sale.

Joining the Amazon affiliate program is extremely straightforward. You simply need to go to and click on 'join now for free'. You will then be asked to provide some basic information such as your email address and name and the password you would like to use.

join the amazon affiliate program

Please note that in the top right of the screen (above the button that says 'Join Now for Free') there is a drop down menu that you need to access. This menu shows a number of geographic areas. You need to choose the area in which you intend to operate.

The 'associate id' that Amazon gives you is only valid for the location that you selected and you are only able to earn referral commissions for that location.

Amazon does however allow you to sign up for tracking ID's from more than one location if you wish to do so. Each region that you sign up for will have its own unique Tracking ID.

When you have completed the application process and have been accepted to the Amazon Affiliate Program you can then start searching for products that you want to promote.

Searching for products to promote is extremely simple. You simply type in what you are looking for into the search bar and Amazon will find items for you that meet your criteria.

search for products on amazon

Once you have found a suitable product to promote you are able to obtain a link that you can use on your website for that product. Doing this is extremely simple. At the top of the page you will see the 'Amazon Associates Site Stripe'. On the left hand side of this you will see the text 'Get Link'. There are 3 types of link you can get. You can get a simple text link, an image link or a text+image link combined. The link you obtain is then pasted into the appropriate position on your website or blog.

Once you have found a suitable product to promote you are able to obtain a link that you can use on your website for that product. Doing this is extremely simple.

At the top of the page you will see the 'Amazon Associates Site Stripe'. On the left hand side of this you will see the text 'Get Link'.

There are 3 types of link you can get. You can get a simple text link, an image link or a text+image link combined.

The link you obtain is then pasted into the appropriate position on your website or blog.

Any sales that Amazon makes as a result of someone clicking on your link will be credited to you and will earn you a commission.

amazon affiliate program text link

Benefits of belonging to the Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon is one of the largest, and most trusted, of all the online marketers!

Most potential customers believe that transactions with Amazon will be safe and secure.

People who join the Amazon Affiliate Program are also confident that any commissions they earn will be paid promptly.

This is extremely important for any affiliate marketer.

Amazon are extremely professional. They are geared up to make buying products from them easy and straightforward.

Whichever niche you are in there will always be products that you can promote from Amazon. There is virtually nothing that they do not sell.

Disadvantages of belonging to the Amazon Affiliate Program

The Amazon Affiliate Program only Uses a 24 Hour Cookie!

A lot of affiliate programs will payout a commission for referrals that make a purchase within 30 days (sometimes even much longer) from first visiting their site. The Amazon Affiliate Program only recognizes the referral if the visitor makes a purchase within 24 hours or less. If the person returns and makes a purchase outside of this time frame you will not be entitled to any payment.

There is however one exception to this rule!

If you direct a visitor from your site to Amazon and that visitor places an item in their shopping trolley within 24 hours you will be entitled to the commission providing the transaction is completed within 90 days.

The Amazon Affiliate Program pays a very Low Rate of Commission!

The Amazon Affiliate Program pays very low commission rates. The commissions start around 4% and rise to a maximum of approximately 8.5%. The rate of payment is determined by the volume of sales you make.

Can you make a living from the Amazon Affiliate Program?

You obviously need to make a lot of sales in order to earn any serious money as an Amazon Affiliate. There are however people that do make the bulk of their income from Amazon.

Some of these people specialize in selling only high value items. You need far fewer sales if you are selling high value items than you would if you are selling items that are worth only a few dollars each to generate the same value of sales. .

The majority of people who make substantial amounts of money from Amazon do so by creating Niche websites that are devoted entirely to Amazon products. They will generally set up several of these highly targeted niche sites. Individually these sites may not generate a huge amount of revenue but collectively they can produce a significant income stream.

Setting up an Online Amazon Store

If you want to set up a website to use exclusively to promote Amazon Products it is quite easy to do. You can build an Amazon Store on any WordPress website. You can also use virtually any WordPress theme that you wish, although some are infinitely more suitable than others. Using one of the themes that have been designed specifically for store/shop creation is however possibly the best option.

There are basically two ways to set up an Amazon Affiliate Store on your website.

You can do the whole process manually. This involves selecting the links that you intend to use on your site directly from Amazon.

If you already have a blog or website and simply want to earn money from it then adding one or two of these links manually is not a major problem. If you intend to set up a complete website devoted to selling Amazon products however populating your site with dozens (or even hundreds) of products will be extremely time consuming to say the least.

The other alternative is to automate, or at least partly automate, the process of adding products to your site.

There are a number of options available to you if you wish to do this.

If you have a WordPress site there are various themes and plugins available designed specifically for the purpose of placing Amazon products on your site quickly and easily.

EasyAzon Pro

One of the most popular of these WordPress plugins is EasyAzon Pro. The plugin loads, and is activated, in exactly the same way as any other WordPress plugin that you may be using.

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Once the plugin is loaded you are able to find and select products for your site directly from the page or post you are creating. You no longer have to keep going backwards and forwards to Amazon to get your affiliate links.

EasyAzon Pro has a number of features that anyone involved in the Amazon Affiliate Program will find invaluable.

One of the most interesting, and potentially most profitable, features of Easy Amazon pro is it's ability to let you load multiple tracking ID's to your products.

When you sign up as an Amazon Affiliate you have to choose a geographic area in which to operate. The tracking ID that you are issued is specifically linked to that particular region.

If a product is purchased from your website by someone outside of your tracking ID area you are not entitled to any commission from that sale.

For example if your tracking code for the UK and someone from the USA buys the product you are not entitled to any commission for the sale.

Amazon does allow you to operate in more than one region. Each area does however have its own unique tracking ID.

Amazon allows you to create as many tracking ID's as you wish. Theoretically this means that you can earn commission from sales you make to each of these regions. Unfortunately when you add products from Amazon to your website manually you are only able to attach one of your tracking ID's to any each product. Inevitable this means that there will always be a proportion of the sales you make that will not make any money for you.

EasyAzon has a feature (link localization) that addresses this problem! Within the Easy Azon settings you are given the opportunity to enter all of the tracking ID's that you have created.

When someone visits your site EasyAzon is able to recognize which location the visitor is from and assigns the correct tracking ID that relates to that region. Providing you have signed up for a tracking ID for that particular region then you will be entitled to the commission earned from the sale.

Other Features of EasyAzon

  • Automated Link Cloaking Facility.
  • Mouse Over Popup - Displays additional Product information when Mouse is Hovered over Link.
  • Add to Cart Function - Increases Cookie Length to 90 days which improves conversion rate.
  • Supports Text and Image Links. Product Information Blocks and Calls to Action.
  • Comes with Extensive Training Manual on How to be a Successful Amazon Affiliate.


The Ultimate Azon WordPress Theme

If you are using WordPress and you are looking for a suitable theme to use for your Amazon Store then Ultimate Azon could be for you.

It is a theme that has been built from the ground up specifically for anyone involved in the Amazon Affiliate Program who wants to build a site dedicated to Amazon products



Ultimate Azon has virtually all of the functions that you need to set up a successful Amazon Store built right into the theme itself.

Main Features of Ultimate Azon Theme

  • Numerous Preset Theme settings and Styles
  • Images on Page are 'Zoomable'.
  • SEO options built directly into the Theme
  • Fully Responsive Layout and Design
  • You have the choice of Multiple Side Bar Options
  • Theme supplied with selection of free background images
  • Amazon Link Localization built into theme
  • Advanced Link Tracking System

The Ultimate Azon Theme provides in excess of 70 different style settings. This means that you can create a website that  is both unique and professional.

You may however need to get your new website up and running quickly. If this is the case using then you have the option to use one of the preset style options. Even if you use this option you can still 'tweak' the design layout to personalize it to meet your needs.If you design your own layout in Ultimate Azon there is the facility to add it to the list of Preset Themes so that you can use the layout again if you wish to do so.

In order to make it easy for you to add a background image to your website Ultimate Azon comes with twenty background images preloaded. These can be used in the header, the background or the body background of your site. If you do not like any of the preloaded graphics you can of course use your own.

One other feature that is fairly unique to Ultimat Azon is the fact that it allows you to separate your product reviews from other page and post types. This not only helps you to organize your website content better it also helps to make your site more search engine friendly.

With Ultimate Azon you are also able to make product images on your website 'zoomable' if you wish to do so. Ultimate Azon also has the ability to automatically create all of the different image sizes that you may wish to display on your website.

Once you have a number of product reviews on your website Ultimate Azon lets you create a slider (or sortable table) to display your products at the click of a button. You are able to create as many sortable tables and sliders as you wish. These can then be added (using shortcode) almost anywhere you wish on your website by clicking on the 'add slider/table' button.

The majority of WordPress Themes restrict you to using just a single sidebar on your site. The Ultimate Azon Theme has a number of different sidebar options that you can apply to different sections of your website. It is simply a matter of selecting the sidebar option that you want to use for that particular section of your site.

Many people who belong to the Amazon Affiliate Programme miss out on huge amounts of commission from sales that they generate outside of their tracking ID area. Ultimate Azon includes an 'Amazon Link Localization' function that ensures that visitors from countries other than your own are automatically directed to products available in their own geographic location. This ensures that, providing you have signed up for a tracking ID for their region, you will receive your commission for the sale.

If you want your website to rank in Google you need to do a certain amount of 'On Page SEO'. The Ultimate Azon Theme has some of the basic SEO options already loaded. You have the option to use these options or, if you prefer, you can turn off this function and use any other SEO plugin of your choice.