WordPress Page Builders

WordPress Page Builders – What Are They?

WordPress Page Builders provide a quick and easy way to compose your web pages and posts without having to know any coding!

WordPress is an amazing open source platform for building blogs and websites.

By utilizing the vast number of plugins that are available it is possible to create virtually any type of blog or website using the WordPress platform.

However, when it comes to creating stunning page layouts WordPress is somewhat lacking!

In fact all you can really do is add text and images to the page. The text can then be centred or aligned to the left or right.

When you add images (or other elements) to the page you have the same amount of limited control. You have the option to resize the image, if you wish to do so, and then position it to the left, right or centre of the page.

wordpress page builders - beaver-builder-395x270

In order to see how this is going to look you then have to preview the page. Invariably several attempts are required to get even close to the visual effect you want.

This lack of control does not offer much opportunity to be creative with your page layouts and can be very frustrating to say the least.

Many people who are new to website building will often choose to build their sites on platforms such as Weebly or Wix, rather than Wordpess, simply because they provide a 'drag and drop' solution to page composition.

Adding improved page composition to your WordPress website is however incredibly easy. It is simply a matter of using a 'page builder' to construct your pages.

WordPress page builders basically come in two flavours.

The first option is to build your site using one of the premium themes that already have page builder functionality built in.

If however you do not want to purchase a premium theme there are a number of wordpress page builder plugins that can be used in conjunction with your existing WordPress theme (free or premium).

Page Builder Plugins are loaded and utilized in exactly the same way as any other WordPress Plugin That you may be using.

There are a number of WordPress Page Builders to choose from. Some of them are available for free and others you have to pay for.

In essence all of the page builders for WordPress tend to work in pretty much the same way.

WordPress page builders generally allow you to compose your page using rows and columns.

A horizontal row is added (or dragged) to the page. This row is then split into columns. Content can then be added to each of these columns in turn. The content can be virtually any type of element you wish. You could, for example, place text into column one, an image into column two and a contact form into the third column if you wished to do so.

You can usually add up to about eight columns per row. The columns do not have to be the same width.



Some of the page builders show a selection of elements that can be used within the composition window. These elements can then dragged to the appropriate column when you want to activate them.

Other WordPress Page Builders (such as Siteorigin Page Builder - shown above) use a widget system to compose the page. The principle is very similar but instead of dragging element modules into the columns you are simply prompted to add a widget to the selected column.

WordPress Page Builders enable you to compose extremely complex page layouts that would be impossible using the standard WordPress interface.

Here are a few WordPress Page Builders worth considering

Siteorigin Page Builder

The first one is the Siteorigin Page Builder, which is a completely free WordPress Page Builder Plugin.

I use Siteorigin Page Builder myself quite regularly. It is quite easy to use and provides all of the functionality that you are likely to require to build quite complex web page layouts. It can be used with virtually any WordPress Theme

In addition to the Page Builder plugin itself you are required to load a number of additional 'widget plugins' that the page builder requires to perform. Getting up and running is extremely easy and no specialist knowledge is required.

Once the Siteorigin Page Builder Plugin is loaded a new tab (Page Builder) will appear at the top of your work area that gives you the option to compose the page using the Page Builder. It is just an option, you can elect to compose your page without using the Page Builder if you wish to do so.


If you want to use the Page Builder option you simply click on the Page Builder tab to access your new work space.


You then simply click the 'Add Row' tab to select the row layout you require (the number of columns). It is then a matter of adding the correct widgets to each of the columns in order to continue composing the page. It is possible to compose virtually any type of page or post using The Siteorigin Page Builder.

Live Composer

The second of the WordPress Page Builders that you might want to consider using is Live Composer.

Just like the Siteorigin Page Builder Live Composer is also 100% free to use.


It does however work somewhat differently to Siteorigin. Instead of using widgets to add functionality Live Composer comes with over 30 pre-loaded function modules already loaded. It is in fact a true 'drag and drop solution' to page building. The module options are located at the bottom of the work area and are dragged and dropped into position on the page. Once in position you simply have to click on the module to begin editing it. Items such as background, padding, margin, type face and colour can all be easily changed directly on the page.

Live Composer has been designed to work with any WordPress Theme. There are over 30,000 users of Live Composer.


Beaver Builder

Many people consider Beaver Builder to be the best WordPress page builders currently on the market. This is of course subjective and not everyone will agree.

Beaver Builder is available in three versions, standard, pro and agency. The least expensive of these is the standard version that is currently available for $99.00.

For most people the standard version will be perfectly adequate. The main difference between the pro and standard version is that the pro version is supplied with the 'Beaver Builder Theme'.

If you are building websites for clients then having access to the Beaver Builder Theme may be beneficial. If however you are already using a theme that you like then you can simply use Beaver Builder with that.

beaver wordpress page builder

Like several of the WordPress Page Builders 'Beaver Builder' is supplied with a number of ready made templates that can be customized. Alternatively you can of course compose your pages from scratch.

Beaver Builder has a number of built in 'content modules' that are simply dragged and dropped into position. The modules supplied cover virtually every type of content (text, videos, headings, buttons, images and contact forms etc.) that you are likely to want to add to your page.

You can also use third party widgets within the content which allows you to add additional functionality should you wish to do so.

Beaver Builder is, according to user reviews, easy to use even if they have no prior experience using WordPress page builders. It can be used to compose virtually any type of web page including optin pages, landing pages and general content pages etc.



Themify supply a number of Responsive Premium Themes and various WordPress Plugins. One of these plugins is the 'Themify Builder'.

You are able to purchase a single Themify Theme for $49.00 but you can also purchase the Themify Theme Package (which contains all of the current Themify Themes) for $79.00.

All of the Themify Themes are supplied with the page builder included as part of the package.

Themify do also have a couple of free WordPress themes that you can download but these are not as customizable as their premium offerings.


If you simply want to purchase the Themify WordPress Page Builder then it will currently cost you $39.00. For an extra $20.00 you can purchase the page builder and the complete 'addons' package, which adds several features that are not available in the basic version.

Themify also have a free version of the plugin which, quite naturally, does not offer many of the functions that you get with the either of the paid solutions.

The Themify Page Builder has a true 'drag and drop' interface which makes composing even complex page layouts extremely straight forward.


WP Profitbuilder

The WP Profitbuilder wordpress page builder is a WordPress plugin. WP Profitbuilder is one of the wordpress page builders that I personally use on a regular basis.

There is a theme provided when you purchase the plugin but it is entirely up to you whether you use it or not as the plugin works perfectly with any theme. The theme that is supplied is however an ideal choice if you are creating landing pages etc. as you have the option to create completely blank pages with no header and footer information.

WP Profitbuilder is not free. The current cost of WP Profitbuilder is $67.00. Once you have bought WP Profitbuilder it can be used on as many websites as you wish.

Although WP Profitbuilder is a paid option it is a 'one off payment only' there is no annual licencing fees! This makes it a far cheaper option than most of the specialized internet marketing page builders (Leadpages for example) that require you to purchase an annual users licence.

WP Profitbuilder was created specifically for internet marketers. It is exceptionally good at creating optin pages, landing pages and squeeze pages etc.

Although it was designed primarily for internet marketers WP Profitbuilder can also be used to create any type of web page you require.

WP Profitbuilder, like virtually all of the wordpress page builders, uses rows and columns for composing the page.

When you have the WP Profitbuilder loaded you will be given the option to use the page builder on each page you create.


Once you click on the 'Edit Page' button in the middle of the page you will be prompted to add a row to your page. You are shown a selection of row layouts that are available for use. It is simply a matter of clicking on the row layout that you would like to use.


You can compose your page one row at a time or you can create a number of rows if you know exactly how you would like your page layout to look.

page builder rows ready for short code

Clicking on the 'Add Shortcode' button in the centre of each of the columns will then open up a box that shows the functions that you are able to add. Clicking on the appropriate function box will add that function to the column.

wp_profitbuilder_add_shortcodesThere are four separate shortcode groups available to you via a dropdown menu. In total this gives you access to approximately 45 functions that you can use within your page layouts.

The shortcode groups are also displayed at the side of the page and can be dragged into position if you prefer to do it that way.


In line with some of the other premium wordpress page builders WP Profitbuilder comes with a number of pre-made page templates that you can edit and use if you wish to do so. This obviously can be quite a time saver. There are currently around about sixty templates available that cover almost every type of marketing page you are likely to want to compose.


Which of the WordPress Page Builders is the best?

Deciding which of the WordPress Page Builders to use is, to a large extent, a matter of personal preference. Using any one of the WordPress Page Builders shown above will almost certainly make web page composition easier and quicker for you.

To some degree your choice is likely to be determined by a few key factors.

You may for example like the idea of using a page builder but do not feel that you want to spend any money on buying one. If this is the case then either of the free WordPress Page Builders that I mentioned above (Siteorigin Page Builder or Live Composer) will fit the bill.

To be fair however you will probably find that the WordPress Page Builders that are available for purchase are likely to offer more features straight out of the box than the free versions.

As I said earlier I have used the Siteorigin Page Builder on several of the sites I have built. It does however require a number of additional plugins to be loaded in order for it to function. I do not find this a problem but someone else might.

WordPress Page Builders, like WP Profitbuilder for example, do not require any additional plugins or widgets to be loaded. They have all of the modules that you are likely to require already loaded.

The majority of the paid page builder options are also true 'drag and drop' solutions which will obviously appeal to a lot of people. Drag and drop WordPress Page Builders are also likely to be quicker and easier to use because a lot of the editing that is required is done directly on the page itself.

If you are an internet marketer you may also be looking for a page builder to create specific types of page layouts such as sales pages, optin pages etc. If this is the case then something like WP Profitbuilder would be worth considering as it was created specifically for this purpose.

If you use WordPress and have never used one of the WordPress page builders then I would suggest you give them a try. Loading one of the free WordPress page builders is extremely easy and it will give you the opportunity to experiment and see what they can do. You can then decide whether or not you like the idea of using them in principle and then set about finding the right one for you.